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Dec 12

Welcome To The Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Studio

Posted on Friday, December 12, 2008 in All Posts, Buying A Fingerstyle Guitar?, Fingerpicking

Come and join the webs most hands on video tuition website. Here you can learn all there is to know about acoustic fingerstyle guitar with renowned guitar teacher Brother John from The Blues Preachers.

Connect with the roots and source of modern blues and contemporary music, by going back to the sounds and techniques of Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Willie Johnson, Robert Johnson, Lightning Hopkins, Son House, Doc Watson and many others.



Dec 1

NEW!!! The Blues Preachers E-book version 2.0

Posted on Monday, December 1, 2008 in All Posts, E-books, Fingerpicking


The Alternating Bass Style as performed by THE BLUES PREACHERS.
This new version is fully type set and optimized for Adobe Acrobat Reader X

It includes “Divine Justice Coming Down”
Chosen by Yoko Ono as runner-up in the John Lennon 70th. anniversary song writing contest.
The accompaniment, intro, outro and both slide solos have been transcribed.

A total of 13 tracks transcribed from their highly acclaimed albums:
‘Next Stop Beulah Land’, ‘Dry Long So’ and ‘Dead Catz Can Bounce’

Includes TAB for songs by Mississippi John Hurt, Reverend Robert Wilkins, Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Blake and more.

Each page contains an embedded audio file. Click on the speaker icon to hear the track as you read the TAB.

Just $15 (USD)

Oct 27

Celtic Guitar Tabs

Apr 15

The Blues Preachers : NEW RELEASE

Posted on Thursday, April 15, 2010 in All Posts, Blues Preachers CDs


The Blues Preachers continue their blues and roots musical journey with their latest release: ‘Dead Catz Can Bounce’.
Unlike their previous releases, this album contains 7 original songs about the big issues of today: the global financial crisis, greed, relationships, global warming, materialism, life and death and the search for truth and meaning in the great age of misinformation.
Featuring ‘Divine Justice Coming Down’ a song about the Global Financial Crisis that was highly acclaimed and nominated in both the Australian Songwriting Awards (ASA) and The Independent Music Awards (IMA).

The Blues Preachers merchandise is available at all good record stores.
Or purchase and download directly at
Four Track Digital EP available for purchase at Bandcamp
1. ‘Divine Justice Coming Down’ is an honest and confronting account of the Global Financial Crisis. We see many parallels here between the GFC and the 1929 Great Depression.
2. ‘The Free Train Agreement
‘ about the things in life which are free and uncontrolled by governments and corporations. Get On Board.
3. ‘Arrivals & Departures
‘ paints a beautiful picture of the cycle of human life. People arriving and departing the planet.
4. ‘Dead Catz Can Bounce’
Rich Man Poor Man.  Losing your money’s bad but losing your soul is worse.

Jun 3

Picking Patterns For Beginners

Posted on Wednesday, June 3, 2009 in All Posts, E-books, Fingerpicking

This E-Book contains a number of picking patterns in the alternating bass style for beginners as well as some basic strumming patterns. While you are reading the TAB, click the speaker icon on each page to listen to how they should sound.

$3 (USD)

Dec 12

Need Somebody On Your Bond

Posted on Friday, December 12, 2008 in All Posts, Slide Guitar, Video Tuition

The Blues Preachers, Brother John and Captain Bluetongue, perform their version of Blind Willie Johnson’s Need Somebody On Your Bond as featured in The Blues Preachers E-book.

Oct 29

Wabash Rag

Posted on Monday, October 29, 2007 in All Posts, Video Tuition

Brother John and Captain Bluetongue from the Blues Preachers play their version of Blind Arthur Blake’s Wabash Rag.

Aug 13

Celtic folk guitar and the music of Turlough O’Carolan

Posted on Monday, August 13, 2007 in All Posts

Turlough O’Carolan was born in 1670 in County Meath and died March 1738 at the home of his patron Mrs. MacDermott Roe in County Roscommon. He was a blind Irish harper, composer and singer whose great fame is due to his gift for melodic composition. He was the last great Irish harper-composer and is considered by many to be Ireland’s national composer. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). To put it simply, O’Carolan wrote amazing melodies for the celtic harp that work beautifully when arranged for fingerstyle guitar. One such piece is included here: Sheebeg and Sheemore. Stay tuned …. more is on the way.

Aug 2

Important Quotes

Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2007 in All Posts

“The blues are the roots and the other musics are the fruits” Willie Dixon

“If the blues is an ocean, and that ocean is condensed down to a lake, and that lake is condensed down to a river, and that river is condensed down to a stream, and that stream is condensed down to a puddle, and that puddle is condensed down to a glass, and that glass is condensed down to a drop. That drop would be Son House.” From Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey

“Wider than the heavens is my fame…I am the best as regards the power of my fingers…nobody will ever be found to match me.” Turlough O’Carolan

Jul 29

Buying A Fingerstyle Guitar?

Posted on Sunday, July 29, 2007 in All Posts, Buying A Fingerstyle Guitar?
  1. Do not buy a Dreadnought. This type of acoustic guitar tends to produce a boomy bottom end but lacks volume and definition in the top end. The Dreadnought is a great strumming and flat picking guitar.
  2. Do buy an Auditorium, OM (orchestra model), triple O (OOO) or double O (OO) style guitar. These guitars produce an even or balanced response across all six strings. This is preferable for finger picking and slide playing. Obviously we would not want the bass part of the alternating or monotonic bass style to overshadow and drown out the melody part on the treble strings. The dreadnought would have a bass response that would need serious attenuation by heavily muting with the heel of the right hand. The guitars used in all the videos on this site are triple O (OOO) style guitars made by Gerard Gilet at Gilet Guitars in Sydney Australia.
  3. The top of your new guitar must be made of solid timber, usually spruce. It must have grain lines that are tight and straight and run parallel to the strings.