NEW!!! The Blues Preachers E-book version 2.0

The Alternating Bass Style as performed by THE BLUES PREACHERS.
This new version is fully type set and optimized for Adobe Acrobat Reader X

It includes “Divine Justice Coming Down”
Chosen by Yoko Ono as runner-up in the John Lennon 70th. anniversary song writing contest.
The accompaniment, intro, outro and both slide solos have been transcribed.

A total of 13 tracks transcribed from their highly acclaimed albums:
‘Next Stop Beulah Land’, ‘Dry Long So’ and ‘Dead Catz Can Bounce’

Includes TAB for songs by Mississippi John Hurt, Reverend Robert Wilkins, Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Blake and more.

Each page contains an embedded audio file. Click on the speaker icon to hear the track as you read the TAB.

Just $10 (USD)

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  1. by bluezguy February 24, 2009 at 7:50 am

    Great sound and performances. From having never heard of you to becoming an INSTANT fan… the first 30 seconds of ‘Need Somebody On Your Bond’… wow – time to learn how to fingerpick!!!!!!!
    Are there any dvd lessons with split screen or anything coming up?? The tab stuff I just bought is fine, but, to us old guys, I believe video works best. Thanks again!

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