by Brother John  April 15, 2010 11:12 am


The Blues Preachers continue their blues and roots musical journey with their latest release: ‘Dead Catz Can Bounce’.
Unlike their previous releases, this album contains 7 original songs about the big issues of today: the global financial crisis, greed, relationships, global warming, materialism, life and death and the search for truth and meaning in the great age of misinformation.
Featuring ‘Divine Justice Coming Down’ a song about the Global Financial Crisis that was highly acclaimed and nominated in both the Australian Songwriting Awards (ASA) and The Independent Music Awards (IMA).

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NEW RELEASE : Digital Four Track  EP available for immediate download at bandcamp.

‘Divine Justice Coming Down’ is an honest and confronting account of the Global Financial Crisis. We see many parallels here between the GFC and the 1929 Great Depression.
‘The Free Train Agreement
‘ about the things in life which are free and uncontrolled by governments and corporations. Get On Board.
‘Arrivals & Departures
‘ paints a beautiful picture of the cycle of human life. People arriving and departing the planet.
‘Dead Catz Can Bounce’
Rich Man Poor Man.  Losing your money’s bad but losing your soul is worse.